Man/Woman Maketh a hat !

Hats or caps for a great majority of men, women and dare to say even children are necessary daily accoutrements. Hats for some are a fashion statement and for other a very necessary accessory in the hustle and bustle of navigating daily activities.

The abundance of spectacular hat designs means that you can always find a hat or cap to meet our needs, be it, you are having a bad hair day or for some due to weather condition that warrant wearing one.

To be candid a nice designed hat or cap can enhance your look and make you look more interesting and attractive. We all love to look cool and there is no better and more affordable accessory that than wearing a hat.

For women, my advice and favourite looks are the wide-brim floppy hats or fedoras which is a must (for all year around use) have in their wardrobe. It makes women look far more interesting than just wearing darkglasses in the middle of winter.

Wearing hats or caps for a strange quirky reason, uplifts one sense of style and adds a ‘spring to one’s step’, just as a result of having a simple addition to your wardrobe.

For men, the question will be, do you have a head full of hair or like me nature has dealt a bad hand (as a result of ignorantly using texturizer as a soul boy in the 90s) Better off wear stylish hats that messing up my hair follicles.

Dare l make a bold statement!!

Everyone can pull off wearing a cap or hat, only if they understand what works for their head shape…even William Hague at the carnival could have pulled it off.

Whether ‘man/woman maketh a hat or hat maketh a man/woman is based on the type of hats you are wearing on a particular day.

My 5 tips to all hats lovers and those wishing they would love to pull off wearing hats like a pro be it at work or when going out.

Point 1. Get a hat that fits, comfortable and sit fairly squarely on your head and definitely one that covers most of your forehead.

Point 2. Understand what goes with what. Baseball cap on tailored suit unless you are Tyson Beckford would look a bit naff on most. Nice crown short brim fedora or Trilby works very well with suit or blazer. Nice rolled up beanies works with leather or bomber jacket or long coat.

Point 3. Floppy short brim hat or wool fedora works very well for women for most outfit or a long beanies for a more casual look. I wish TV presenters are allowed to wear hats as this could encourage more people to wear them

Point 4.  For a casual style, try selecting hats and colours that works all year round. It must be simple like a leather trimmed beret, a classic fedora or straw wide brim hat. These are timeless classic styles and are seamless to pull off.

Point 5. You hair is a factor thus play it to your strength. Look for flex-fit Sailor’s cap or wide brim hat or unisex rasta hat to free up your natural hair texture when wearing your hair long and loose or bound it. Wear low ponytail and loose braid are other hairstyles that work perfectly for wearing a hat.

Finally maintaining and airing out your hats are crucial and help your hats last longer. Hats are for all seasons. Whether pairing cuffy hat or straw fedora with a summer dress or wear distressed cut-off jeans or beanies with dungarees or berets with a-line trousers can be easily transitioned into spring and summer.

Effortless way to style your hat is to keep the rest of your accessories and outfit simple and basic and finally confidence is key so to all in this year my single honest and greatest tip to successfully dumming any hat is to wear it with confidence.


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